• Java

Open Day App

This was my first big project from college. An android application representing all information from our university’s introduction days put in a mobile, quick to acces format.

The app provides detailed information relevant to every field of study. If you are majoring Communications or Computer Science, choose your study and get information about that study’s background, upcoming events and timetables. For important information, a share function is built in to share to others and also an option to add the events to your calendar.

Besides specific information the app also provides general information about the school’s location, history, floorplans and route options.

To increase user interaction the app provides a study choice test to check your interests and a coding quiz to stir interest. These functionalities are displayed in the pictures below.

My contribution to the project was:

  • Design
  • Open Days Info Page
  • Route & Share function
  • Coding Quiz

For more information take a look at the project's github link at the top!